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The late fourteenth and fifteenth centuries also saw the development of armor specially designed for horses used in tournaments.

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A distinctive type of shaffron, with a prominent medial ridge or even a comb, appears to have usually been made from leather. Since the early fifteenth century, horses occasionally had their eyes covered for specific types of the joust in order to prevent them from shying during a charge , which led to the invention—during the second half of the fifteenth century—of the so-called blind shaffron These defenses remained a standard element well into the sixteenth century A number of complete bards and a much greater number of detached elements of horse armor are preserved from the sixteenth century.

Numerous pictorial sources demonstrate the wide variety of equipment in use during these decades: full Documentary sources also reveal the prevalence of bards made from hardened leather Comparatively inexpensive, lighter in weight, and offering endless possibilities for painting and other embellishment, leather bards were undoubtedly far more commonplace than their survival state would suggest. Horse armor enjoyed its final flowering during the first half of the sixteenth century, and full bards Every element, from the small shields escutcheon During the second half of the century, though full bards were still being made now mainly for display and occasional tournament use , lighter defenses such as steel-reinforced leather strapwork began to appear.

In many instances, both field and tournament armors comprised no more than matching shaffrons and saddles Shaffrons changed along similar lines, and, particularly in Germany, lighter versions were increasingly more prevalent.

After about , both in Germany and Italy, embossed decoration began to be employed on parade armor. In Germany, this arose as a continuation of a late medieval tradition of mummery and fanciful court pageantry; in Italy, it was a more conscious revival of antique Roman imagery, particularly in the hands of the famous Negroli armorers of Milan and their contemporaries, who also inspired the employment of this technique in France and the Low Countries. Some of the arms and armor were undoubtedly originally acquired by booty, gifts, or as trade items from the Turks. Soon, however, copies were being made in Europe that closely mirrored Ottoman style in construction, shape, and decoration, although horse armor was rarely affected by this fashion Military tactics and weaponry changed dramatically during the sixteenth century, as infantry grew in importance and handheld firearms even for the mounted man-at-arms became the weapons of choice.

Cormac McCarthy's All the Pretty Horses Essays

The fully armored warrior on a barded horse became an increasingly rare sight on the battlefield. Similarly, the full bard was abandoned in favor of a shaffron and saddle steels, if indeed any horse armor was worn at all. By the end of the sixteenth century, full bards were an anachronism for all but ceremonial occasions. Few were being made, usually for members of royal families, and the small number of surviving examples were clearly intended to impress. These earlier elements were no doubt commandeered from an arsenal, saving the armorer valuable time.

To contemporaries who saw the sovereign dressed in armor astride a fully barded horse, the sight must have been a nostalgic evocation of an age that had long since passed. Postscript Horses remained an essential part of armed conflict in most parts of the world until the early twentieth century. But while many soldiers—especially those of specialized units—continued to wear some elements of armor until the early nineteenth century, and then again since World War I, horses were no longer protected with armor.

Among the few notable exceptions are leather coverings used in North America to protect horses against Indian arrows, or the similar heavy leather panels still used today in the bullfighting arenas of Spain and Mexico. Last but not least, mention should be made of the great Sudanic African empires, where quilted horse armor remained in active use until the twentieth century; and in parts of Niger and Sudan, these armored horses continue to take part in traditional ceremonies to the present day.

Much more than documents.

Dirk H. Breiding, Dirk H.

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Pyhrr, Stuart W. LaRocca, and Dirk H. The Armored Horse in Europe, — Exhibition catalogue. New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art, See on MetPublications. The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

See works of art. Works of Art Essay Mankind has used animals such as onagers wild donkeys , horses, camels, elephants, and dogs in conflicts for thousands of years, but no other animal has been employed so widely and continuously and was at times so comprehensively protected as the horse. Citation Breiding, Dirk H. All the novel algonquin books, thesis artificial neural networks entrusted performers.

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