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She is living in a world from the past; she has dated ideas and values. Her sole dream is to meet an archetypal Southern gentleman, but she will never achieve this as society no longer works that way. Stanley, on the other hand, is more realistic, and he seems to enjoy pointing out her flaws. This is most likely the first level of his response to the power struggle between them.

Ironically, Stanley and Blanche are both living in the past. Stanley is steadfast on his opinions regarding the traditional gender roles, and Blanche holds on to her old fashioned ideals about conventional romance. Of course, their battle really represents the larger battle between the classes. Stanley decision to rape Blanche comes from his need to control others, and especially women. From the beginning of the play, it is clear that Stanley wants to dominate his home and his wife.

It is hard for a contemporary audience to sympathize with Stanley; he is hostile, controlling and single-minded. He likes routine, maintaining conventional gender roles, seeing his male friends, and keeping up a strong sexual relationship with Stella. For example, in Scene Eight, Stella instructs him to tidy the table and to eat more politely. Also, Stanley feels that Stella and Blanche look down on him. What do you two think you are? A pair of queens? When Stanley becomes dissatisfied, he erupts in violent temper. The power struggle between Stanley and Blanche, and his rape of her, symbolizes the wider class conflict in s New Orleans.

Stanley is insecure and resentful that his wife and her sister are of a higher social standing than him. He has a number of choices about how to assert his boundaries with Blanche. He could have spoken to her about his feelings or, if he felt unable to do that, he could have spoken to Stella and asked for her help. However, Stanley lacks self-awareness and communication skills, so he uses the only tools available to him: sexuality and violence.

Tennessee Williams

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A Streetcar Named Desire - 2 model essays on characters of Stanley and Blanche

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You can do it directly through this website right now! From Scene One, Stella and Stanley seem pretty happy with each other, and also content in their gender roles. You can see this when Stanley comes on stage, bellows, and hurls a pack of meat up to his wife who is standing on the landing of their apartment.

He's providing the day's dinner, and she laughs and his gruff antics, happy to make their meal and watch him go bowling with his friends. Problems arise when Blanche shows up with her elitist notions and criticism of Stanley. Now instead of feeling like the "king" of the house, he worries that Stella's attitude toward him has changed. Stella starts ordering him around in Scene Eight and telling him to clean up the table after dinner and stop eating so messily. According to the structure of their usual relationship, Stella is trespassing into his territory—he's the dominant one; she shouldn't be ordering him around.

What do you two think you are? A pair of queens? And when Stanley feels like he's being mistreated, he becomes aggressive, throwing things and breaking dishes. This is obviously not a flexible guy who can handle having his routine changed, but you can still sort of get where he's coming from.

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Blanche doesn't respect him as the head of the house, and she's trying to turn his wife against him. She acts like a tyrant queen instead of a thankful guest with nowhere else to stay. She's a bit of a house guest from hell. She considers his home a dump, she criticizes him personally and calls him an ape, insinuates that he is completely uncultured, is racist and classist against him, acts like he doesn't love his wife, drinks a ton of his alcohol and lies about it, hogs the bathroom, and tries to get his wife to leave him repeatedly.

Another structured, routine aspect of Stanley's life is the time he spends with his male friends. He's used to having poker nights and going bowling with his buddies. But when Blanche shows up, she interferes with this aspect of his life as well.

"A Streetcar Named Desire": The Rape Scene

She tries to get his friends' attention while they're playing poker, and flirts with Mitch. She turns on her music when Stanley just wants to focus on his hand of cards. All of this drives him nuts until he tosses the radio out the window and hits his wife. Stanley sees his sexual relationship with his wife to be one of the most important aspects of their marriage.

A Review and Analysis of Tennessee Williams' "A Streetcar Named Desire"

Although Stella and Stanley fight, their physical relationship is the way that they make up and forgive each other. Stella herself realizes that their sex life helps them smooth out their marriage; she says to Blanche:. So essentially, Stanley's way of showing his wife that he loves her tends to happen through knockin' boots.

Not surprisingly, since they have a two-room apartment we're talking a kitchen and a bedroom , when Blanche shows up, Stanley and Stella's sex life suffers, and their mechanism for maintaining the peace in their relationship is disrupted. After fighting with Stella about Blanche, Stanley talks about how he wants their relationship to simply go back to normal:.

Blanche And Stanley And Their Relationship In A Streetcar Named Desire - WriteWork

It's gonna be all right again between you and me the way it was. You remember that way that it was? Them nights we had together? God, honey, it's gonna be sweet when we can make noise in the night the way that we used to and get the colored lights going with nobody's sister behind the curtains to hear us!

Basically, Stanley sees his marriage as suffering because with the sister-in-law in town, he can't relate to his wife the way he normally does. We know that sex is important to Stanley in his marriage, but even outside of his marriage, he basically relates to seemingly all women on a sexual level. Williams gives us some good descriptions of Stanley in his stage directions. For example:. Since earliest manhood the center of [Stanley's] life has been pleasure with women [ Stanley's strong sexuality is a parallel to Blanche's.