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This section is transcluded from Cassell's Chronology of World History. Topich and Keith A.


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Immature vs mature

Bradford Anderson, et al. Church Major - dtic. Stein and Barbara H.


Skin may surround a cyst and grow abundant hair see dermoid cyst. Mature teratomas generally are benign; malignant mature teratomas are of several distinct types. Dermoid cyst[ edit ] A dermoid cyst is a mature cystic teratoma containing hair sometimes very abundant and other structures characteristic of normal skin and other tissues derived from the ectoderm. The term is most often applied to teratoma on the skull sutures and in the ovaries of females. Fetus in fetu and fetiform teratoma[ edit ] Fetus in fetu and fetiform teratoma are rare forms of mature teratoma that include one or more components resembling a malformed fetus.

Both forms may contain or appear to contain complete organ systems, even major body parts such as torso or limbs.

Fetus in fetu differs from fetiform teratoma in having an apparent spine and bilateral symmetry. Fetus in fetu has often been interpreted as a fetus growing within its twin. As such, this interpretation assumes a special complication of twinningone of several grouped under the term parasitic twin.

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  • Voltaire, (Francois Marie Arouet).

In this regard, it is noteworthy that in many cases the fetus in fetu is reported to occupy a fluid-filled cyst within a mature teratoma. Struma ovarii A struma ovarii literally: Germ cell tumor Teratomas belong to a class of tumors known as nonseminomatous germ cell tumor N.

All tumors of this class are the result of abnormal development of pluripotent cells: Teratomas of embryonic origin are congenital ; teratomas of germ cell origin may or may not be congenital this is not known. The kind of pluripotent cell appears to be unimportant, apart from constraining the location of the teratoma in the body.

Dublin: Carysfort Press. Dr Sabine Strumper-Krobb. Sabine Strumper-Krobb 'Witnessing, remembering, translating.

Book Reviews and Short Notices: Modern & Contemporary France: Vol 18, No 1

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Who Was Voltaire? AP Euro Bit by Bit #26

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Electronic Enlightenment colloquium on the sociology of the letter

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